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by MoneySaverExpert

With January slowly progressing, quite a few of us will be beginning to look for ways to save money following the big Christmas and New Year celebrations.

One of the best money-saving techniques for shoppers is to use coupons where you can to get money off a whole host of items that can help you save pennies.

While coupons have certainly changed over the years, as more retailers offer online coupons compared to newspaper and magazine cut-outs, they are still handy to have in your virtual pocket.

That’s why a Martin Lewis, money saving expert, has shared how shoppers can access some of this week’s top money-off coupons for big brands, such as Starbucks, Lindt, Waitrose and much more.

The MSE shared a run-down of the top coupons in this weeks Money Saving Expert Newsletter which has become popular among money-savers and shoppers alike.

Bear in mind, all of these coupons are exclusive to the Shopimum money-saving app, so it may be worth downloading it if you haven’t already.

The MSE shared more than 40+ coupons that are currently available, which you can find a full list here, but we have broken down the top five deals.

‘Free’ £2.50 almond or cashew milk from Waitrose

Waitrose customers can claim a £2.50 cashback when they pick up a 1L carton of Plenish almond or cashew milk by using the Shopimum App.

Both these products can usually be quite expensive, so it’s worth grabbing the deal while you can.

By keeping the receipt and scanning it through the app, shoppers can claim up to £2.50 cashback or an amount making it free.

This offer is only available through Waitrose and ends Thursday, January 20.

Shop the almond milk deal here.

Shop the cashew milk deal here.

‘Free’ £2 Starbucks Doubleshot Intenso

Shoppers who pick up a 200ml bottle of Starbucks Doubleshot Intenso from Sainsbury’s, Motor Group and Shell can claim up to £1.99 cashback – or an amount making it free – with the Shopimum app.

All you need to do is keep the receipt and scan the bar code through the app, where the deal will then be added.

This offer is available at Sainsbury’s, Motor Group and Shell and ends on Monday, January 31.

Shop the deal here.

‘Free’ £2 Lindt Lindt Excellence Chocolate Bar

If you’re new to the Shopimum App, then you can bag yourself a free £2ish Lindt Excellence 100g chocolate bar.

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll need to enter the code MSE in the app, which gives you access to the offer – it’ll be added to your account automatically.

Within 15 days of entering the MSE code, buy either the ‘extra creamy’, ‘70% cocoa dark’, or ‘dark a touch of sea salt’ flavour at any store (including online).

Cashback can be claimed by uploading a copy of the receipt to the app through the ‘Request My Cashback’ section, where you can get the price of the chocolate back.

Shop the deal by downloading the app here.

‘Free’ £1.79 Carr’s crackers

Morrisons shoppers can claim cashback on a packet 150g pack of Carr’s crackers with the Shopimum app.

Shoppers need to keep their receipt of purchase and scan it through the app, where they can claim up to £1.79 back, or an amount making it free.

This offer is exclusive to Morrisons shoppers only and ends on Friday January 21.

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Shop the deal here.

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