Pensioner bathes and washes his car with rainwater so he can save money – Liverpool Echo

by MoneySaverExpert

A pensioner has saved around £7,500 by using rainwater to bathe, flush his toilets, and wash his car.

Viewers were introduced to Eric, 73, on Martin Lewis‘ new series, Extreme Savers, last night.

The new show sees the money saving expert meet people who go to the extremes to save money.

This week’s programme included a woman who swears by reusable toilet roll, and a competition addict who won IVF treatment that eventually saw her have a baby.

Eric, from Dorset, has tanks all over his garden to harvest “free rainwater”.

The 73-year-old told viewers: “We have a water shortage and rainwater is free.”

He said he knew he would retire in the home he is in now and began looking for ways to save money.

Eric says he saves around £300 each year, meaning he has saved around £7,500 since he started collecting water 22 years ago.

He had some advice for others wanting to save some cash.

He said: “You must have a water meter, it’s pointless if you don’t.

“If you have a garden, have a look for potential sports where you can put building tanks to collect water across the space.”

Eric says he uses rainwater for everything, except drinking. His water bills are around £167 per year.

Household customers in England and Wales can choose to have a meter fitted in their homes free of charge.

Martin Lewis told viewers: “My general rule of thumb is if you have more or the same number of bedrooms as people, it’s worth checking out whether you could save by being on a meter.”

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