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One of the biggest concerns that’s taken hold of the British public and the political landscape is the ongoing cost of living crisis. In fact, 93% of adults in the UK saw an increase in their living costs between August and September 2022, and low-income households spent a larger proportion than average on energy and food, according to a report from the Office for National Statistics. With household bills rising to record-breaking levels, it’s no wonder that people are searching for ways to save money. And whilst the UK Government has made some steps to help households during the colder winter months, such as the £400 energy bill discount, it’s still not enough to cover rapidly increasing bills.

In response to the current state of affairs, a number of online platforms and money experts have stepped up to offer people advice when it comes to money management and getting the most cost-effective deals possible on a range of bills. Whether its online platforms or articles, Instagram posts, YouTube videos, or podcasts, these experts are using a range of platforms to dish out their tips in a relatable and digestible way.

Below you’ll find eight financial experts that can help you save money in the most accessible and efficient ways.

Pennies To Pounds

Kia Commodore is the founder of the financial literacy platform, Pennies To Pounds and an industry leader when it comes to sharing money-saving tips through platforms like Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. She also has an award-winning podcast you can check out. Being 24-years-old, Commodore has tailored her advice towards her peers, presenting the information in a way that’s easy to understand. From the guests that she invites on her podcasts to the interactive challenges she posts on Instagram, this money expert’s content is perfect for younger audiences and those who may be just starting to embark on a money management journey.

Millennial Money UK

Led by Niaz Azad and Shaq Magee, Millennial Money UK (as the name suggests) is dedicated to providing tips for millennials. In one of their Instagram videos posted earlier this year, Magee said: “You don’t need to look a certain way or have a certain job to talk about money or personal finance.” He went on to say that “if you pay a bill or have any savings, you’re qualified to talk about money.” I mean, how reassuring is that? Millennial Money UK is active on Instagram where they regularly share financial content, including snippets from their podcast Loose Change.

Charlotte Jessop

TikTok is the perfect place to learn information in an easy and quick format – and that includes the topic of money. Charlotte Jessop is a qualified maths teacher with a 67,000-strong following on her account @lookingafteryourpennies. She creates short, informative, and humorous videos about all things money management. Not only that, her videos invite you to go on a money management journey with her as she also shares her personal monthly money goals, so you don’t feel so alone.

Martin Lewis

Of course, the legendary Martin Lewis is someone we had to include in this list. Whilst you probably spotted him on a This Morning segment or even his own The Martin Lewis Money Show Live, the money expert also has his own website. covers a wide range of topics and even has its own section dedicated to students, helping younger audiences to join in on the money management action too. Lewis also has a TikTok where he regularly posts snippets from his TV appearances, in case you’ve missed it first time around.

Andy Clever Cash

As well as posting regular YouTube videos where he dishes out money tips, finance blogger and journalist Andy Webb also hosts weekly Q&A sessions with his 48,200 subscribers so he can answer the questions that really matter. From advice on switching banks and what streaming platform is most cost-effective to explaining how inflation and interest rates work, he covers a wide range of topics to help save money in the digital age.

Catherine Morgan

Emilie Bellet

Bola Sol

Author of the financial advice book How To Save It, Bola Sol also has a YouTube channel where she helps others save money through informative and engaging videos. A maths and finance graduate, Sol shares tips on important topics such as choosing a credit card and buying your first home as well as more personal things like what to do when a family member asks you for money.

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