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by MoneySaverExpert

As the weather gets chillier and our bills keep soaring, many of us might be considering alternative methods of keeping warm that won’t mean popping on the central heating.

One website that many have flocked to for energy-saving tips during the cost of living crisis has been Money Saving Expert (MSE), which was founded by the financial guru, Martin Lewis.

There are many tips that the website has provided us with to help “heat the person, not the home”, with one such popular method being to purchase a halogen heater, reports WalesOnline.

The team of Experts at MSE say: “Halogen heaters are directional. Once on, you instantly feel the heat. As soon as you turn them off, the heat quickly dissipates.”

While Martin Lewis and the MSE team have never recommended a specific model, The Manchester Evening News has done some digging and found that a £40 halogen heater from Argos has been a hit with shoppers.

The Beldray Halogen Heater from Argos
The MSE website has recommended halogen heaters

The publication looked for the highest rated halogen heaters at affordable priced and found that the Beldray 1.2kW Halogen Heater delivered the goods.

Coming complete with three heat settings for adding warmth to these winter evenings, the heater has received thousands of five-star reviews from customers who have praised it for cheap being cheap, safe and simple to use.

One person wrote: “My wife required a little extra heating whilst watching TV – so, a few weeks ago, I ordered a Beldray heater online and collected it the next next morning. It could not have been more simple and straight forward – thankfully, my wife is delighted with it. Moreover, it avoids having to use the more-expensive gas fire — it directs the warmth straight onto her.”

Another said: “I bought this heater as I didn’t want to heat the whole house when I’m working from home in 1 room, it’s ideal for heating only where is needed.”

A third person said: “I have bought the beldray halogen heater for this year winter it is amazing ways to keep warm with very little use of electricity.” Somebody else commented: “Very good value for money, cheap to run, safety feature causes cutout if they’re knocked over and they put out a fantastic amount of heat (I bought two ‘cos they’re quite compact and it means we can heat upstairs and down); would recommend and would buy again.”

“Great little heater. Warms up a small room in no time. Really pleased. Saves putting the central heating on,” wrote someone else. Halogen heaters are estimated to cost around 40p an hour to run

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You can purchase the Beldray 1.2kW Halogen Heater on the Argos website for just £40.

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