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by MoneySaverExpert

Households are continuing to suffer amid the cost of living crisis and making sure to contribute every penny towards the rocketing prices of energy bills. With surging costs across the globe, savvy savers are looking for quirky ways to save efficiently.

A cost-effect woman has done just that after participating in a clever money-saving tip after spotting it on Money Saving Expert ‘s advice page. Taking the phrase “every penny counts quite literally”, TikToker @lucybesant joined alongside other budding money savers to participate in the popular 1p saving challenge – but made sure to add her own unique spin on the interactive method.

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Those who are looking to take part in the handy tool will save a jaw-dropping £667.95.

Sharing the insightful video on popular video-streaming service TikTok, it has already raked in over 570,000 views to date.

Bravely admitting that she’s “terrible at saving”, Lucy detailed the handy tip over supergroup ABBA ‘s iconic tune ‘Money, Money, Money’, which was extremely fitting.

Lucy uses spare change in her purse

And crosses off the amount

She explained: “Good morning everyone, I’ve started the 1p saving challenge from Money Saving Expert, and I’ve just gone through my purse and found £2.86, £3.64, and £3.63, so now it’s time to put it in the jar and cross it off my little sheet.

“I’m terrible at saving, so I think this is something that I can actually do!

“Once you cross them all off, you actually save £667.95, which is amazing!”

Although there is no set ordeal, the rules are straightforward – tick one box off per day.

Money Saving Expert’s forum says: “The idea is perfectly straightforward and can be interpreted differently by many.

“You start by saving 1p on 1 January, then 2p on 2 January, then 3p on 3 January and so on – saving what you saved the day before, plus a penny more each day – right the way up to £3.65 saved on the last day of December.

“If you started on 1 January 2021, then by 31 December 2021 you’ll have saved a grand total of £667.95.”

Budding participants who are looking to get involved on their money-saving journey can find the download here.

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