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Martin Lewis’ website, MoneySavingExpert, has detailed how you can get free food from desirable high-street staples such as McDonald’s and Tesco, to name a few.

Some supermarkets and retailers give out complimentary snacks and food with special offers, it’s just a little known fact as they don’t advertise them particularly boisterously.

But with food bills skyrocketing as of recent – by 11.6 per cent to be precise – everyone is looking for a way and means of cutting daily, weekly, monthly and annual expenditure so they can top up their savings account.

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The Mirror have rounded up the tips shared by MoneySavingExpert to help members of the general public nab a freebie.

Sign up to apps:

Burgers always taste better when they’re completely free of charge – it’s a fact. Customers who make the most of Burger King’s loyalty scheme can get a free lunch in the form of a cheeseburger and fries upon signing up, while also receiving 200 bonus points. Fast food rival McDonald’s also boast a similar scheme, which can land you freebies like McFlurries on a complimentary basis.

North East staple Greggs is also offering anyone signing up to the bakeries app a free hot drink first time round, while those who are signed up with the O2 network can bag a free coffee from Greggs once a week when signing up to the O2 Priority app.

Let everyone know it’s your birthday:

We all have that one friend how exploits their birthday to within an inch of its life, with hopes of receiving freebies and upgrades while out and about. But taking a leaf out of their book could also in-turn help you bag a couple of tokens and gifts.

Some retailers like Krispy Kreme offer free treats for those celebrating their big day – and all you need to do is sign up to their mailing list.

Here’s a list of companies who provide birthday offers:

  • Krispy Kreme – what could be better than a birthday donut? The ‘Friends of Krispy Kreme’ app lands you a free treat of your choice on birthdays, plus one for your child or significant other, too.
  • Hotel Chocolat – from donuts to chocolate, the fancy chocolatiers offer you a ‘surprise gift’ on birthdays for VIP card holders.
  • Greggs – slightly less fancy, but just as cheerful. Download the Greggs app to nab a free sweet treat on your special day.

Be a mystery diner:

Some chains also offer meals completely free of charge to those who are willing to provide honest feedback on their experiences. Writing reviews allows staff to keep customer-focused and in-turn improve their service by making amendments.

And you don’t have to have a degree in journalism or be a qualified writer to take part either – most organisations simply require a candidate with a decent grasp of English, a camera to snap a picture of the meal, and a spare couple of minutes to write a review.

Chains which use the mystery diner service include Carluccio’s, Wagamama, Leon and Giraffe.

Sites where you can sign up are listed below:

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