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Martin Lewis has built a career out of finding and sharing the best money-saving hacks, discounts and deals through his iconic website

Previously a journalist, Martin Lewis even tried his hand at stand-up comedy, before finding his calling as a financial hero for many of us.

The financial advisor has always fought our corner, taking on unfair bank charges, uncapped energy bills and student finance with his savvy tips.

Here’s what you need to know about Martin’s life outside money-saving tips, including his happy marriage to famous wife and an adorable daughter whom he describes as “mini MSE”.

Who is Martin Lewis married to?

Martin Lewis’ wife is a famous TV presenter and tech reporter

Money Saving Expert’s Martin Lewis has been happily married to Danielle Lara Lewington since 2009.

Lara, who Martin often refers to as ‘Mrs Money Saving Expert’ or ‘MMSE’ , is actually famous in her own right as a TV presenter and tech reporter.

A regular weather presenter on Channel Five for six years as well, as featuring in a weekly sketch on ITV1’s The Impressionable Jon Culshaw, Lara has also made appearances including BBC1’s The Weakest Link: News and Weather special, BBC1’s Let’s Dance for Sports Relief, BBC1’s Superstars: Battle of the Channels, ITV1’s Britain’s Best Dish: Celebrity Special, and ITV1’s Win, Lose or Draw.

She now co-presents the popular BBC Click, a weekly technology news show, with Spencer Kelly and is also a Women’s magazine columnist sharing tech tips.

Does Martin Lewis have children?

The couple have a daughter who they welcomed in 2012

Martin Lewis and wife Danielle Lara Lewington welcomed a daughter named Sapphire Susan Lewis in 2012.

Though not much is known about his daughter – who is aged 10 now – Lewis wrote a special blog dedicated to her after she was born.

The post from 2012 reads: “Her name is Sapphire Susan Lewis and while she weighs a wee 6lb 6oz, her weight in joy is immeasurable. Last night was her first one at home and it was quite exhausting (I think she’s operating in a US time zone for some reason), though worth every second.”

He added later that his young daughter has him “wrapped around her little finger”.

It also seems that little Sapphire is taking after her father where money-saving tips are concerned.

The financial guru once tweeted: “Mini MSE (age 7) said to me smiling tonight, having got some fruit from the fridge, ‘Daddy these grapes are a day over their best-before date, but I know I can eat them still because they’re not use buy, and they still look ok. I’m very proud. What a chip off the old block.”

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