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AS GROCERIES continue to rise in price shoppers have gotten creative as to how to make meals last longer.

No matter where you shop, you’ve likely seen a steady increase in how much you’re spending.

This TikToker was able to get multiple meals out of a $5 rotisserie chicken


This TikToker was able to get multiple meals out of a $5 rotisserie chickenCredit: TikTok
Using the bones and skin, Luke made chicken stock to use for other meals


Using the bones and skin, Luke made chicken stock to use for other mealsCredit: TikTok

Coupons and shopping hacks work to an extent, but they won’t make your groceries last any longer so you’ll still be shopping frequently.

Repurposing your groceries to work for multiple meals is becoming more popular, and is a great way to save money.

Husband, father, and TikToker Luke shares how he makes all his meals last on his account @CookingInTheMidWest.

In one of his videos, he shared how he makes multiple meals from one rotisserie chicken.

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Making the most out of the meal

For just $5 from Sam’s Club, Luke pointed out in the comments this is less than a whole uncooked chicken.

Getting a rotisserie chicken cuts out so much of the work, but he still takes some time to prep the meals he’s going to make.

First, Luke pulls off all the meat from the chicken and sets aside the fat, skin, and gristle.

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He weighs the meat out and divdes it into two portions to get two meals from that alone.

Then, he uses everything he put to the side to make chicken stock for future meals.

In a large pot he combines the bones and skin with some vegetables and lets it simmer on the stove.

Once it’s done, he strains out everything and stores the broth in mason jars.

In the comments he said he’ll keep the broth in the fridge if he plans on using it soon, but it can also be frozen for future meals.

Other budget-friendly meals

Shanaé Johnson runs WifeDiaries on TikTok where she shares recipes she uses at home and for her private chef business.

She shared a delicious dinner using chicken thighs that cost only $10 to feed her family of five.

She even had leftovers, which were so good her husband ate them in the middle of the night.

Chicken thighs are an affordable cut, and she said they were just over $5 when she bought them.

After seasoning them, she placed them in a baking dish, covered them with foil, and put it in the oven.

She took them out while they were still a little light in order to get the juice to make her gravy.

Making the gravy at home is a good way to save money and get more from your meal.

In a skillet, she combined the juice, butter, flour, and some chopped onions and let it thicken for the gravy.

Once the chicken finished cooking, she poured the gravy over the top and served it with rice and broccoli.

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Make sure you don’t fall for these grocery store tricks that get you to spend more money.

Plus, here is a tip from a money-saving mom on how to make groceries last for two weeks.

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