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A MONEY-SAVING expert has revealed a super easy way to top up your income that requires no experience.

Chloe, who is a deal hunting expert, has described the income generating tip as a ‘super easy side hustle’ and has found herself getting paid at least £30 per hour when she takes part.

Chloe uses TikTok to offer money saving tips


Chloe uses TikTok to offer money saving tipsCredit: TIKTOK
The savvy saver signs up to market research companies to earn £30 per hour


The savvy saver signs up to market research companies to earn £30 per hourCredit: TIKTOK

The savvy Scot, who shares tips and advice on TikTok as Chloe’s Deal Club, told her followers about the benefits of signing up to market research companies to help build a side hustle.

Market research is the process of determining if a new service or product will work through research conducted directly with people that could be potential customers.

Chloe explained: “I’ve had so many people commenting on my videos saying they are worried about energy bills increases.

“I’m going to show you something.

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“A really easy way to increase your income where you literally have to have no experience at all is by doing market research.

“And so many people don’t realise how easy this is – and the hourly rate works out really good.

“And I promise this isn’t dodgy, I know I say you need know experience and a good hourly rate, sounds dodgy? It’s not dodgy.”

Chloe shows her followers the lengthy list of emails she had received from ResearchOpinions.com, a site that she had decided to sign up to.

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She continued: “Research Opinions is my favourite one to be signed up to because you can see how many marketing opportunities they send out.”

Using an example of a Pets and Pet Products focus group, Chloe talks through the process of signing up to a focus group.

She added: “This one is for 18 or over, who have a pet and are happy to talk about the products they buy for their pets.

“There are three time slots available for this chosen date.

“It’s via Zoom, it is going to take two hours and ten minutes, and you get paid £80.

“That’s a pretty good hourly rate.

“If its relevant to you, you just click apply for this research.

“Enter your details and they’ll be in touch if you are selected for it.”

There is a catch however, as Chloe explains, where you aren’t always guaranteed to be selected for the research every time.

She added: “You won’t be selected for all of them.

“You are going to have to apply a few times before you are selected.

“I had to apply about ten times before I was selected.

“Then I got paid £60 for a two hour Zoom call to chat about smoothies.

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“It really was pretty easy.”

“And it is worth being signed up to multiple market research companies to maximise your chances.”

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