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A Teesside citizens advice service has revealed its ways people can save money on energy.

Energy bills are continuing to surge, leaving Brits looking for ways to save the extra pennies. The Stockton and District Advice and Information Service (SDAIS) helps people with their money and energy issues and gives helpful knowledge and advice.

This comes as money-saving expert Martin Lewis this week admitted he has “run out of tools to help people” as the energy crisis continues to worsen. According to the expert, the cost-of-living surge is the “worst” crisis Brits have faced in decades.

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The citizens advice service emphasises that the biggest financial gain families can get is through checking if they are eligible for certain benefits that they are not yet claiming.

One of the service’s energy advisors discovered there was over £50,000 per year of unclaimed welfare benefits in clients they advised between November 2021 and January 2022. In many cases, the service said people were eligible due to their disabilities or poor health that can put them at risk from a cold home.

The service focuses on three key points to help people reduce energy bills:

1. Cheaper Tariffs

You need to be aware of what energy tariff your household is on
You need to be aware of what energy tariff your household is on

Your energy tariff is the price paid for each unit of energy that is used. It is important to check that you are on the best tariff for your needs as every household uses varying units of energy. The service strongly recommends getting independent advice before changing tariffs too.

The service also wants to clarify the term energy price caps, which is the maximum amount that energy suppliers can charge for each unit of energy that you use if you are on certain tariffs. It, therefore, does not put a limit on total energy bills.

2. Using Less Energy

There are a number of ways to use less energy
There are a number of ways to use less energy

  • Thermostat tip – installing a room thermostat and using it efficiently can save around £85 a year, and can also reduce your carbon emissions. If you already have one, turning down your room by just 1 degree can also save around £65 a year.
  • Switch off standby – turning appliances off and into standby mode can save people around £40 a year, and many electronic devices can simply be unplugged without having to worry about upsetting the device.
  • Kitchen savers – people can save around £28 a year from simply using kitchen appliances more carefully. Cutting back dishwasher washing machine cycles to just once a week could save up to £20 on energy a year.
  • Showering smarter – cutting down on shower time is a great way to earn back a few quid. You could earn up to £5 a year per person if you just shave off a minute in the shower. The service also recommends switching to a water-efficient showerhead.
  • Turning off lights – although it sounds like a simple one, you can save £14 a year on annual bills if you switch a light off when they’re not needed.
  • Draught proofing – many homes lose heat through draughts around windows and doors or gaps in the walls. Although professional draught-proofing can cost up to £200, it could also save around £30 a year. That said, you can try and do your own draught-proofing, simply by shutting curtains and buying a few draught excluders.

3. Maximising Income

Ask for independent advice before switching energy provider
Ask for independent advice before switching energy provider

If anyone in your household is receiving benefits, you should look into the Energy Company Obligation. This scheme means that energy companies must support households to install efficient energy6 saving measures, such as insulation.

For more information, contact the Stockton energy advice line on 01642 626135 or visit their website.

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