‘It’s a corker’ Martin Lewis shares way people can pay 24% less on their energy bills – Express

by MoneySaverExpert

The Money Saving Expert founder said that there is a way that some energy customers can shave hundreds off their energy bills but they’ll need to act fast. With the energy price cap due to rise a further 54 percent this April, it could be a lifeline for many struggling with the cost of living.

Millions of Britons have been receiving letters from their energy suppliers with details of the new gas and electricity prices coming into effect at the beginning of April.

These new price increases work out at a 54 percent rise – which works out at a staggering £700 a year more.

Financial journalist Martin Lewis has discovered that Eon and Eon Next Direct Debit customers might be able to take advantage of an offer.

On Twitter, he wrote: “Eon and Eon Next Direct Debit customer on the price cap?

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The financial journalist is well known for saving the nation money and reminding Britons what simple things they can do to make a bit of extra cash.

He regularly recommends switching banks which should be hassle free as long as Britons use the Current Account Switching Service.

A recent study by Finder discovered that 61 percent of Britons have switched banks at some point in their life.

Out of those, just less than half (44 percent) switch at least once every five years.

Mr Lewis also suggests looking around the house for old mobiles which could fetch people an extra £200.

He said: “If you’ve got an old mobile handset do not throw it away as it is terrible for the environment.

“Batteries, lead, beryllium, flame retardants could all cause environmental harm if you chuck it away and it goes into landfill.”

He added: “Get yourself on to a comparison site like sellmymobile.com and compareandrecycle.co.uk and see if you can flog it.”

Depending on the condition of the handset, iPhones can fetch upwards of £200.

Meanwhile, android phones such as Samsung handsets could sell for up to £180.

However, there’s the potential to make even more money by listing it on eBay.

Martin added: “I’d also check eBay as well, if you’re on it, because you might be able to sell it for more there but these are the easiest ways to do it.”

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