Zopa to close ALL investor accounts – what this means for you – MoneySavingExpert

by MoneySaverExpert

‘Fully research where to save your cash now – and make sure you’re happy with the level of risk’ 

Helen Saxon, MoneySavingExpert.com money editor, said: “With Zopa closed to new investors and reinvestment of repayments for existing investors taking more than two months recently, the writing’s been on the wall for Zopa investors for a while.

“There’s now one fewer place for savvy investors who knew the risks to get a decent return. And those investors are now faced with deciding where to put what could be significant sums of money.

“Many will face a stark choice of accepting lower returns in normal savings accounts, or upping the risk – and the research needed – with investments in the hopes of higher returns.

“Whatever you choose, make sure you’ve fully researched your choice, and that if you do invest, you’re happy with the level of risk on the investments you’ve chosen.”

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