Get wages or benefits paid into a Post Office savings account? Set up an alternative account now or your payments will cease – MoneySavingExpert

by MoneySaverExpert

You need to link a UK current account to your savings account – and incoming payments from all other accounts will be stopped 

You’ll only be able to receive payments into your savings account from a linked UK current account in your name from 1 March 2022. This means deposits from third parties, such as salary, pension or benefit payments, will no longer be allowed.

If you’re currently in receipt of any external payments you need to redirect them to an alternative account – you can do this by contacting the company or person they are coming from and giving them details for an alternative account you hold. If you don’t already have an alternative account, see our Best Bank Accounts guide.  

To add a new linked account, log in to your savings account via the Post Office’s website. Alternatively, you can write to: Savings T&Cs, PO Box 2320, Belfast, BT1 9BL.

Cheque and cash deposits will still be accepted as normal. 

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