‘Easiest money I’ve ever made’ How Britons could get over £100 boost to their bank account – Express

by MoneySaverExpert

When discussing the best deals on the market right now Ms Ross mentioned Nationwide and Virgin Money. She said: “Nationwide is offering £100 for customers who switch to them.

“Excitingly if you are already a Nationwide current account customer, you can also benefit if you switch an account from a different provider over to Nationwide. You can get £125.

“Virgin Money is offering a £150 gift card that you can put towards Virgin experience days, and it also pays a bit of interest on your balance on up to £1000.”

“Switching current accounts is a good thing to do whatever is going on in the wider world.

“I honestly think that switching my bank account is probably the easiest money I’ve ever made.

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Additionally, Nationwide’s Flex Direct account pays two percent on up to £1500 for the first year, after that, the rate drops to 0.25 percent.

Ms Ross explained: “They pay relatively high rates compared to the wider savings market.

“But it’s on smaller sums, so you won’t earn a tonne of money every year but it’s worth taking advantage given the decent savings rates.”

Some Britons may be sceptical when thinking of changing accounts due to loyalty to their current providers, or the stress and hassle they fear that could come with trying change.

“Loyalty never pays when it comes to your bank account” Ms Ross argues.

She said switching your accounts in no stress at all, adding: “[There is] no excuse for that, since the current account switching service in 2013 which has helped to streamline the process and the vast majority of banks are signed up to it.

What that means is it only takes seven working days to move to a new provider and all of your regular payments and your balance will be transferred as part of it.

“All you need to do is open an account with the new bank and tell them that you want to switch when filling out the application.

“The only leg work before that is deciding who you want go with.”

When making the decision of whether they want to switch Britons should consider what matters most to them in a current account.

For example, would people want access to a lower overdraft rate? Or if they are in regular credit, would it be beneficial to earn interest on their balance, and are there other perks such as cash back available?

Some accounts are mostly managed online but some people may want a high street bank that they can pop in to.

The process is a different one for everyone, and so people are always encouraged to explore what option suits them best.

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