Most MoneySavers will get travel insurance when going abroad but not if they’re holidaying in the UK, new MSE poll finds – MoneySavingExpert

by MoneySaverExpert

Nearly 3,000 people (2,904) voted in our latest site poll, which ran between 17 and 24 August 2021. It asked respondents to tell us whether they thought travel insurance was a must-buy. The questions covered those who had booked a UK or overseas trip, as well as those who’ve yet to book a holiday. While not a representative sample of the UK population, the poll offers a snapshot of people’s views on travel insurance. 

Of those with holidays abroad booked, 87% already had a policy in place or were planning to get one – only 5% said they wouldn’t insure their trip. But it was a different picture for those who’d booked UK holidays, with 58% saying they wouldn’t be insuring them. See the tables below for a full breakdown.

If you’re planning a trip overseas, getting travel insurance as soon as you’ve booked is vital – see our Cheap travel insurance guide for more and also check our Coronavirus Travel Rights guide for the latest on Covid travel restrictions. If you’re considering a trip in the UK or you’ve already got one booked, you can also see our UK Travel Insurance guide for our top picks. 

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