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Martin Lewis shared more inspiring stories of people who have gone the extra mile to change their spending habits and enrich their lives in the second episode of his new ITV series, Extreme Savers.

The Money Saving Expert introduced viewers to Julie Icke, who started doing online surveys after being made redundant, and was keen to contribute to household outgoings and family holidays.

Martin said: “Julie is one of a growing band who make money from constantly taking part in surveys.”

And it seems to be working for her as she’s already netted over £5,000.

“I’d always done a few surveys in the past but thought now is the time I can focus more on it and the idea then was that I could contribute to our holiday fund, but it soon became apparent, the more money rolled in, that I could actually pay for the holidays rather than just contribute to them,” explained Julie.

Julie spends several hours every day completing online surveys

The 47-year-old from Nottinghamshire went on to share how some of the surveys pay by points and others by cash or vouchers.

She said: “Within a few months it had got up to £400 a month, this particular month I’ve had a really good month and it’s looking more like £600 or £700.”

The financial journalist also explained how Julie does a range of subtly different things including online surveys, Zoom phone calls from companies that want their latest app reviewed, mystery shopping in garden centres and supermarkets and taking pictures of local attractions or landmarks.

Julie also does ‘lifestyle feedback’ which involves taking pictures of the products she is going to use in the shower, or telling a company what she’s doing with her pet – this involves taking a picture of her fish and uploading it. Easy money.

However, there are other tasks which are more of a long-term commitment.

“Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening I have to weigh 10 household products that they [company] have specified and upload it,” she said.

That particular project is for six-months, but the company are paying her $550 (£389).

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But before you jump online and start doing surveys, Martin advised viewers that Julie spends several hours every day doing them – mostly from the comfort of her own home.

“As it’s a hobby and not a job, Julie can fit it around her daily life and the financial rewards are pretty decent – for a hobby,” Martin explained.

Julie’s income from surveys has already paid for a £2,100 holiday to Lanzarote and two UK staycations totalling £1,000. She’s now got an impressive £3,000 in the bank ready to pay for their next trip.

And that’s just cash earnings, she also has vouchers on top of that as well.

Earlier in the year, Julie saved up her vouchers and bought a £400 hot tub from Argos.

Julie’s advice to anyone considering taking up online surveys is to go for it.

“Anybody can do it, you can do it from home, you can build it round your children or your housework. For me, nothing is too small because it all adds up in the long run and the more you go at it, the more you’ll find that more doors open up and you’ll get longer surveys, better paid surveys, but you’ve got to put that commitment in at the start.”

Martin also offered two quick tips: “Always use a separate email as it helps you with spam issues and as soon as you earn cash and points and you can take the money out – take the money out. That way you can’t have any solvency  issues with the survey firm.”

If you fancy giving it a go, has a list of the top 25 online survey sites here.

If you missed Extreme Savers, you can catch up on the STV player.

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