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by MoneySaverExpert

A mum left Martin Lewis in amazement after admitting to him that she had won her son in a competition.

Katrina Stevenson appeared on the Money Saving Expert’s show Extreme Savers on Wednesday night where she said that the best competition she’s ever won was the one that gave her a child.

The parent had an obsession with entering competitions and had managed to win more than £20,000 in prizes.

But in her personal life she was struggling with fertility issues, and for Katrina, it was a competition that eventually enabled her to have her dream baby.

She told Martin Lewis: “My best win, it evens sounds crazy saying it, is my son.

“I won free IVF treatment abroad in Norway. We were trying for nine years, we had four losses, we were struggling to save for IVF.

“So I put all of my energy into trying to find if there were any IVF competitions, I was doing it for a good couple of weeks and then I came across an advert in a magazine.”

Money saving expert Martin Lewis

Katrina was ecstatic to find out that she had won the IVF competition and she flew out to Norway to receive treatment with her partner, but sadly it was unsuccessful.

However, the clinic kindly allowed her to try for one more go, with doctors implanting a frozen embryo into her body.

Straight away, Katrina ‘knew’ that it had worked, explaining: “It was strange because I just knew, I kept saying, ‘It’s worked, I’m convinced of it’.

“After nine years you get used to looking at tests and thinking ‘is it?’ but it was so definite.

“I let the team know at work, everything was so emotional, they were so invested and it was such a beautiful experience. It felt like we all made a baby, it was so lovely.”

Martin Lewis narrated her story saying: “Comping isn’t just doing the odd competition, it’s about systematically spending hours a week maximising the number you can enter in the minimum amount of time, often by using online forums where people share all of their tips and techniques.”

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