Sainsbury’s stops weekly Nectar bonus points offers for some shoppers in mystery loyalty scheme shake-up – MoneySavingExpert

by MoneySaverExpert

Sainsbury’s won’t say exactly who’s affected – so to check, you’ll need to log in

Unfortunately Sainsbury’s has released very little detail about the Nectar shake-up, but here’s what we’ve been able to piece together, based on what MoneySavers have reported.

Some Nectar users will have seen their weekly bonus points disappear, while for others they’re still available as normal. Sainsbury’s hasn’t been specific about who’s affected, so the way to check is to log into the website or app and see if your weekly offers appear there as usual. Even if yours are there for now though, there’s no guarantee that will remain the case in future.

Sainsbury’s has confirmed the changes are part of a drive to focus on more ‘personalised’ offers, but hasn’t said what will replace weekly bonus points offers for those affected. However some MoneySavers have reported that instead of weekly offers they’ve been getting a single offer for extra points when spending over a certain amount in a single transaction, eg, triple points if you spend £50.

Others have also reported offers becoming less generous – eg, being offered 10 or 20 extra points on an item where they previously got 50 points or more. It’s not clear whether these reports reflect the overall changes however – and unfortunately Sainsbury’s simply won’t tell us.

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