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by MoneySaverExpert

Endless days of rain and cold weather have lots of people dreaming about jetting off to sunnier climes.

As the cost of living crisis continues to rise many people don’t have spare cash to book a family holiday, especially if they can only go when the kids are off school, and prices soar. But there are some tips and tricks people can use to reduce the cost of a summer break.

Martin Lewis’ Money Saving Expert team often give out advice on how to save money and with this came plenty of hacks for cheap travel. Tips reveal how a family of four can save as much as £240 on their holiday by avoiding paying out for particular seats, reports the Liverpool Echo.

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MSE said it’s “usually unnecessary” to fork out for seats, as there is a way you can sit together for free on a basic economy ticket. Experts, expect Ryanair, revealed to the MSE their seat allocations will always try to seat groups on the same booking together.

Checking in at the earlier stage should be able to guarantee you seats next to each other, as long as they are available. Most airlines will try and seat children next to at least one adult. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), the aviation regulator, says airlines should “aim to sit parents close to children” – if this isn’t possible, they should not be separated by more than one aisle or more than one seat row.

However, this isn’t the case for Ryanair who “randomly” allocate seats for anyone who doesn’t pay for one and MSE said it’s “nigh-on impossible for groups to sit together without reserving seats”.

Under-12s will get to sit with at least one adult on a Ryanair flight, but this is only because at least one adult travelling with children must pay for seat selection.


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