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by MoneySaverExpert

With Christmas on the horizon, many shoppers will be looking for the best deals to buy gifts for their loved ones or treats for themselves over the coming weeks. Fortunately Black Friday falls on November 25 which sees huge discounts and great offers on a range of items.

While there’s still just over a week Black Friday officially falls, many shops extend their discount period and introduce price cuts as early as the start of November. It is important that those looking to get the best deals are aware of exactly how much the items were before and after to know whether it is worth it.

According to Money Saving Expert, there are a number of things you can do to ensure you’re getting the best deal. Shoppers looking to make use of the sales period should start now by making a list and benchmark prices.

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Stores slash prices on items on Black Friday and in the weeks leading up

Analysis by Money Saving Expert of last year’s Black Friday discounts found they were generally cheaper than the early Christmas sales that are introduced next month. So if you are thinking of buying anything, make sure you know what’s a good price now.

Martin Lewis, Money-Saving Expert founder, said: “Based on our evidence, if the item you’ve been planning to buy is discounted by a decent amount on Black Friday, you’re taking a risk to wait and see if it will be cheaper in the pre-Christmas sales.

“Clearly, with tens of thousands of shops and hundreds of thousands of items there can never be a hard and fast rule. But Black Friday discounts being a complete washout, is not backed-up by the data based on the 50 items we looked at.”

As Martin has reminded shoppers, if you were going to buy it anyway and it’s half price you’ve saved 50 per cent. However, if you weren’t going to buy it, but have been pulled in by the idea of a discount, you’ve wasted 100 per cent.

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