Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis shares £1 savings account trick at HSBC – Lancs Live

by MoneySaverExpert

Money Saving Expert, Martin Lewis is back again with more tips on how people can boost their savings, this time with a £1 hack.

The finance guru returned last night to host ITV’s Money Show Live. This latest episode focused on savings advice.

Mr Lewis said that everyone with savings should act now. He said: “Forget riding the market. Take the fire and the passion you’ve got hopefully from listening to me right now tell you that you are being ripped off and just go and sort it now.”

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The money saving expert shared a variety of tips with viewings on how to get the best out of their savings. He also shared a hack for how people can get a better rate with HSBC, reports the Liverpool Echo

He said: “HSBC’s online bonus saver pays 3% and up to £10,000.

“Here’s a trick, the terms say you can get this account whether you’ve got a current account or a savings account. Well, its flex savings account allows you to open it with £1. So you can put £1 in HSBC’s flex saving account, which has a very poor rate and that will give you access to this account what pays 3% and you can put up to £10,000 in.


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