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The colder months are almost upon us, meaning that many of us will be looking for ways to keep that bit warmer as the temperatures begin to start dropping.

And with households still feeling the pinch of the cost of living crisis as they battle soaring energy bills, turning on the heating might not be an option for many. Which is why many are looking for more affordable ways of keeping warm this year, with one Martin Lewis fan recommending an Oodie for keeping their kids warm, reports The MEN.

The oversized fleecy blanket/hoodie from the Australian brand became exceptionally popular a couple of years ago, with many retailers launching their own versions to jump on the trend.

While not exactly promoting the Oodie brand, one fan wrote on the Money Saving Expert website: “Invested in an oversized hoodie blanket to snuggle up in, not used heating since.”

Martin Lewis fans are raving about the purchase
Martin Lewis fans are raving about the purchase

While the official Oodies are not exactly the cheapest, there is currently a sale on, with kids versions priced at £47.

Owing to the popularity of the comfortable item, many fans have also agreed that purchasing one has helped them to keep their kids warmer during the colder months.

“BIG, fluffy, cuddly warm.. did I say BIG?” said one customer. “I love that you can fit a hot water bottle in the pouch. Up yours, energy company! I’ll be in my oodie if you need anything:).”

“I got this 6 days after I ordered it and honestly it was worth the wait!” said another. “I was so impatient and so excited! It’s so soft and cosy, I feel like I am locked in it! I love this so much and it fits my mom too and she wouldn’t give it back!

“I am soo happy and it’s the best thing I have put £50 pounds to. If you’re thinking about getting one, just stop and def one! In other words, this is basically heaven online that you can buy! DEFINITELY Recommended!”

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A Money Saving Expert spokesperson said: “Any products mentioned on the MoneySavingExpert site are not endorsements and are purely down to journalistic research from the MSE team and Martin Lewis. In this instance, a wearable blanket was suggested by a member of the MSE Forum.”

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