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Online shopping is the way to go now for everyone across the world. One does not need to get out of the house to get the best discounts and offers on literally anything one requires. But there is a way one can save a lot of money all while online shopping. Basically, there are tricks right in front of our eyes that we tend to not notice. editor Steve Nowottny added a post to the website where he talked about how one can get the most out of online shopping. He looked back at some of the things he’s learned during his time at the company. And he said that when it comes to ordering from retailers like Amazon it’s vital you ‘get more to pay less’.

Buy a second item to avoid paying for delivery

The most important thing according to him is that if you will have to pay the delivery charges then you might as well buy something else to avoid that. 

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He mentioned his theory and said: “Always check what you need to spend to get free delivery – if you’re just below it, it can be cheaper to add an extra item than pay for delivery. “For example, we found a £49 John Lewis clutch bag, delivery £3.50, but instead added a £1 Sellotape to be over the £50 free delivery threshold.

“Other stores where these works include Asos, which has a £35 free delivery threshold, and Matalan, which has a £50 free delivery threshold.”

There are some more hacks the MoneySavingExpert used when it came to online shopping. 

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According to the website, you need to fill your shopping carts with all the things you require and at the end of it, you should completely avoid the shopping cart and let it be. The companies will then try to tempt you back to your cart by offering you offers and discounts on the products you already want. It is a win-win situation considering that you wanted the items in the first place and that now you can get it for cheaper prices. 

The website also shared how one can get huge discounts on big brands online. It said, “To hint at exclusivity, a range of branded and designer goods retailers run ‘membership clubs’. You register for free, then they send alerts for online flash sales lasting two to five days. A bit poncy, but it can mean big discounts such as 70% off brands like Valentino, Louis Vuitton and Chanel.”

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So, you know now how to get your discounts. Get to shopping now. 

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