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A TIKTOKER has revealed how shopping at Aldi led to hundreds of dollars in savings.

Makenzie is a money-saving mom of two who goes by makenzieathome on TikTok.

Makenzie has over 571,000 followers on TikTok


Makenzie has over 571,000 followers on TikTokCredit: makenzieathome

As her children got older, she started posting videos of her making their lunches and how she avoids feeding them harsh chemicals or dyes.

However, once Makenzie started noticing her growing grocery bill, she knew she had to make a change.

This is where Aldi came in.

While the large grocery store has more natural ingredients than most supermarkets, she found it’s also much cheaper.

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Makenzie told The Sun that since shopping at Aldi, she has seen her grocery bill decrease by $50 to $100 a week.

She was never an Aldi shopper, but after seeing her savings, she changed her mind.

She posted a TikTok sharing her first grocery shopping experience there as she was looking for a store with more gluten-free options.

On her first trip there, she was able to able score tons of food and snacks for her family for only $84, which is what kept her coming back.

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While she can’t always find everything she needs at the discount grocery store, shopping at Aldi has radically decreased her grocery bill.

In her recent TikTok, she shared her latest Aldi haul and revealed how she was able to score three shopping bags worth of groceries for roughly $87.

She revealed in the comments that she’s able to spend $300 a week for her family of four.

Tips on grocery saving

Makenzie told The Sun that before you even leave your house, shop your pantry first, and go from there.

This is because you may have ingredients that can add to a meal like leftover pasta sauce or meat from the night before.

This can be used again instead of buying an entirely new item.

Additionally, Aldi may be cheaper than most, but there are ways to save at other retailers.

First, shop the store brands.

Aldi has brands like Earth Grown and Simply Nature which tend to be better for you and a better deal.

Similarly, Costco also sells its brand own known as Kirkland.

Stores with their own products tend to offer the same taste and similar ingredients, but for much cheaper.

Another way to save is to check the store’s clearance section.

Grocery chains have rotating merchandise that includes limited-time, specialty products.

Items range from things like seasonal foods, gardening essentials, and sometimes pet accessories.

Lastly, join the rewards programs.

Many stores have started their own rewards programs – these are typically free and offer huge savings.

Once you sign up, they will most likely send you weekly deals, coupons, and much more via email.

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