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Sometimes there is nothing better than getting in a takeaway for lunch or your dinner – especially when the thought of cooking after a hard day is too much.

But with the cost of living continuing to rise, what was once a convenient treat has turned into an expense that some of us may have to give up.

However, not all hope is lost, as one money-saving expert has shared a few savvy tips to help foodies nab discounts at the likes of McDonald’s, Subway, KFC, Burger King and much more.

Jordan Cox, also known as The Coupon Kid, recently spoke with The Sun to share his five top tips that can help make sure that you never pay full price at some of the countries biggest food chains.

The savvy money-saver says that the use of apps, loyalty schemes, budget menus can come in handy when it comes to cutting back on food costs when eating out.

Here were Jordan’s top five savvy tips that can help you save hundreds of pounds a year on food.

App discounts

Fast-food chains such as McDonald’s, Burger King and KFC all have apps that can let you get discounts on your orders.

McDonald’s app regularly offers reduced prices, such as their April offers that see them offer a different deal for every day throughout the month.

McNuggets and Big Mac’s have been seen to be offered for as low as 99p.

New app users can also get 20% off their first order.

Burger King’s app also regularly offers discounted prices on some popular items. These have ranged from a Whopper for £1.99, 20 nuggets for £3.99 and two Chicken Royale meals for £8.99.

KFC’s app members have also been able to bag hot wings for £1.29 and a ten-piece family feast for just £13.99.

All deals are usually exclusive to app members. You can download them all on Google Play or the App Store to make sure you don’t miss out on any deals.

A freshly prepared cheeseburger sits on a kitchen counter at the first U.K. outlet of U.S. burger restaurant chain Five Guys in London, U.K., on Tuesday, July 2, 2013. Five Guys, which is set to open its first U.K. store in Covent Garden on July 4, is a family outfit that started in Washington, D.C., in 1986, and has expanded to more than 1,000 locations in the U.S. and Canada. Photographer: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Keep your receipts for discounts

A lot of receipts are better of in your pocket, rather than the bin, mainly because many restaurants have a range of discounts at the bottom for your next visit. Most of the time, all you have to do is fill in a quick survey.

McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Burger King, KFC and Subway have all offered customers these discounts for customers.

McDonald’s customers can get a Big Mac & Fries for just £1.99 – saving between £2-£3 – if you fill in their five minute survey.

Burger King has offered a free Whopper with any orders on a regular fries and drink orders that usually costs about £3.18. KFC has also offered customers 15% off your bill if you purchase a Bargain Bucket or any other high-priced items.

Taco Bell also offers customers 20% off their next meal if they fill in the survey – but they do need to spend over £5 to get the offer.

Subway also offers shoppers a free cookie for filling in any surveys.

With each of these offers, all you need to do is fill in the survey, keep hold off the receipt and hand it to the cashier when you want to use the discount.

Take advantage of any NHS & student discounts

It’s a well known fact that NHS workers and students can get access to exclusive deals that no-one else can, so they are worth snapping up when, and if, you can.

Most of the times, all you will need if your NHS or university email address to be able to sign up for these deals.

Here are a few offers that you can get:


  • Students – free sausage roll, cheese & onion bake or sweet treat when you buy a sandwich lunch deal


  • NHS – 20% discount
  • Students – free Snackbox when you spend £3+


  • NHS – 20% off through the McDonald’s app
  • Students – Free Cheeseburger, Mayo Chicken or McFlurry when you buy a meal


  • NHS – 20% off whole meal

Pizza Hut

  • Students – 20% discount

Taco Bell

  • Students – 15% discount

YO! Sushi

  • NHS – 20% discount
  • Students – 20% discount

KFC, Burger King, Nando's, McDonald's and more offer many discounts for shoppers
KFC, Burger King, Nando’s, McDonald’s and more offer many discounts for shoppers

Use loyalty schemes

Many restaurants and fast-food chains are known to offer loyalty schemes and, even if you don’t go very often, they can literally help pay for your next meal.

Every time you scan your loyalty card or app, you will receive an extra loyalty point.

KFC, Subway and Nando’s are a few of the chains that will offer you free food once you have built up enough points.


KFC gives you “chicken stamps”, which you can collect for discounts when you spend.

Get 1 stamp when you spend £3+, or 2 stamps when you spend £15+

  • 3 stamps gets you a free side
  • 7 stamps gets you a free snack
  • 11 stamps gets you £5 off your order


Get 1 point for every 10p spent when signed up to Subway Rewards.

  • 100 points gets a free regular hot drink
  • 200 points gets a free side
  • 500 points gets a free 6 inch sub
  • 1,000 points gets a free footlong sub


Every time you spend £7+ you get one “chilli”, which can be traded for free food.

  • 3 chillies gets a free starter or 1/4 chicken
  • 6 chillies gets a free wrap, pitta, burger or 1/2 chicken
  • 10 chillies gets a combo meal of your choice or a whole chicken

Order from savers menus

Certain fast-food chains have menus that are dedicated to all the cheaper items that they offer in-store, meaning you could save some pennies on your visit.

McDonald’s Savers menu offers items such as a cheeseburger and mayo for just 99p. It could save you over £2, compared to buying the McChicken Sandwich.

Burger King’s King Saver menu can offer customers a cheeseburger for 99p, making it the cheapest item they offer.

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KFC customers can order from the Snackbox menu which offers a box of fries, and a choice between Popcorn Chicken, two Hot Wings, one Mini Breast Fillet or one Original Recipe Piece for £1.99.

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