‘It’s easy!’ Martin Lewis shares quick way Britons could secure ‘free cash’ up to £150 – Express

by MoneySaverExpert

Martin Lewis‘ Money Show on ITV can help hundreds of thousands of people, and tonight was no different. In his ‘News You Can Use’ segment, Martin shared several banks are offering enticing offers to new customers. This comes in the form of what is essentially free cash for those who make the switch.

Competition is hotting up between providers as they seek to find new customers.

This is particularly the case given interest rates are looking more optimistic, and higher numbers of people are interested in saving once again.

In this sense, there are two fresh offers on the market that Britons may be interested in.

Martin explained: “New bank switching bribes. You’ve got NatWest Rewards – £150, the joint biggest offer at the moment.

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However, other Britons will want to prioritise the service from their bank as the most important aspect of their decision to switch.

If so, Martin pointed savers towards the provider first direct, which often tops the Money Saving Expert tables for the best customer service.

The bank is currently offering £130 to those who decide to switch, making it similarly competitive.

These are not the only banks on the scene which are seeking to entice Britons with free cash offers.

“They’ll also move the standing orders across for you. They close your old bank account, and they auto-forward your old payments to the new bank.”

Some 81 percent of those asked on Martin’s Twitter poll concerning the matter suggested it was easy and hassle-free to action.

However, Martin did warn individuals that they would likely need to check the eligibility criteria before getting carried away with the idea of securing a cash boost.

For NatWest customers for example, a minimum of £250 per month needs to be paid in to benefit from the offer.

Regardless, it could prove to be a sensible and beneficial option for those hoping to get a bit of cash in their back pocket. 

The Martin Lewis Money Show continues next Thursday on ITV at 8.30pm.

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