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by MoneySaverExpert

Manage your social calendar

Millions of people across the UK and indeed, the rest of the world, have been forced to stay inside during the pandemic.

As this is pulled back, many people will likely be keen to do all the activities in which they’ve been deprived for so long.

This, as Sally continued, could also be an area of focus: “It can be easy to say yes to every plan, especially now restrictions are easing, but adopting a different approach can be a good way to cut back on your spending.

“When we’re tied into social plans, it can be difficult to consider how much we’re spending. Access to shops, pubs and UK staycations are a welcomed change but will come at an added cost. Even the small things here and there can add up over time.

“This is where budgeting can be really useful. By setting aside a budget for social plans, you can better manage your personal finances. If you do end up spending more than expected, you can look to cut costs elsewhere.

“You can also manage your time. By prioritising the things you enjoy the most or by suggesting less expensive ideas, you can spend less without missing out.”

Consider what you could live without and search for deals

Of course, an easy way to balance the books is by limiting where and how money is spent.

During the lockdown, many people may have splurged on unnecessary expenditures in the face of boredom and Sally detailed these costs could be targeted: “When we first went into lockdown people may have only intended to cancel unnecessary subscriptions in the short term, but some might decide to carry this on once life returns to ‘normal’.

“Whether it’s discovering the abundance of online workout classes rather than that monthly gym membership, or unearthing a love of cycling that could be a way of cutting commuting costs, keeping changes like this in place could make a big difference to your future savings.

“Equally, review new entertainment subscriptions you’ve signed up to in lockdown. You might find that now you have the option to go out with friends or go back to the gym, you don’t need half the things you signed up for when you were stuck indoors.

“Never purchase something without looking around first. There’s plenty of websites and online deals to choose from that can help reduce your daily spending – you just need to know where to look.

“Websites like Money Saving Expert have a page dedicated to the current discount codes and offers available for everything from food and fashion to home products.

“When shopping online, websites like Quidco and TopCashBack also offer cash back on a wide range of retailers. It’s free to sign up and you can get the money paid directly into your bank account or in vouchers once you reach a certain amount.

“Not only are there websites dedicated to helping you pocket some extra pennies, but there are also extensions you can add to your browser like Honey or Pouch that automatically search for discount codes when you’re on selected sites.”

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