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How to cut digital TV bills

On this topic, Martin explained: “These can be really expensive – £1,000 a year, some people, can be spending easily.”

His key tips were as follows:

  • Many can save £200 to £400/year. Do a channel audit to decide what channels you actually need and get rid of the ones you don’t want. Martin also said that if you’ve got digital TV and broadband separately, it’s usually cheaper to merge them together.
  • Haggle if you’re at the end of your contract (or out of it). Martin said: “Really, the power here is all about the haggle if you’re at the end or out of your contract.” His key tips here are as follows:

    – Check comparison sites to benchmark prices

    – Remember the success rates of those who try: Sky 80%+, Virgin, TalkTalk and BT 70%+

    – Be polite and charming not agressive

    – Get through to customer retentions (the company will likely refer to this as disconnections but actually they want to try and retain you)

See our Digital TV Deals guide for more help on this.

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